Friday, November 14, 2008

MtG-Helper Wordpress Plugin

Here is a cool Wordpress plugin that I've discovered thanks to the fellow Mtg blogger, Dee. Its very useful if you are blogging or writing Magic: The Gathering articles that involves writing decklists. You won't need to bother linking each card in the list. This plugin will do it all. It also has a feature for showing your draft picks.

Here are some screenshots I made when I implemented the plugin in our community website,

The complete description, download link and other info of the plugin is available here. Kudos to the developer for creating this awesome plugin.


Anonymous said...

I think that helper is very cool. I've installed it on another blog I have to test and it works great. Too bad I can't add to my free blog on wordpress.

Death Mark said...

One thing i'm still working on is the fix for the IE browser. It seems that the plugin's css is having conflicts with the global css.

backseatsurfer said...

Hi Death Mark,
I very glad you like the plugin and help spreading it over the web.

@IE problems:
I really dont know much abou IE. I fixed another bug with the plugin and the browser but me knowledge about this ... "programm" is very rare.
If you let me know what bug with css exists I will take a look and implement it in a later release :)

Hopefully you also like the new version I am workin on atm :) Stay tuned

Greetings from Germany

Dee said...

Thanks for the link, Mark. I also had to mess around with the css to get everything just right. I wish I could tell you what I did but I don't remember! Just a lot of trial and error and experimenting with the css code.

backseatsurfer said...

Hm, maybe you could send me copy of your modified css? I'll compare them :)
(Please use the feedback form on my site. I hate to publicize my email on the internet)