Friday, December 5, 2008

Conflux Booster, Fat Pack and Intro Pack Images

A big thanks for Coffee4am for posting this one at the Mtg Salvation forums. These packages are what we are expected to see in the coming release of Conflux in February 2009. See it below.

Conflux Fat Pack

Conflux Booster Pack and Intro Pack

If you'll notice, the fat pack included the planeswalker novel "Agents of Artifice". I'm glad they finally included a novel and not just some player's guide. I'm sure Conflux will be an exciting set, not only on the story but also on the cards.


enric said...

i gave you 1 also today.. lets do this everydeay? deal? you want to join our group? How do i contact online? do you have YM bro?

Death Mark said...

what group is that?