Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dealing with the Forge Tender

I’m sure every red deck’s bane in the current Standard when facing the Kithkins or any other decks with white cards is the 1/1 pro red Burrenton Forge-Tender. This kithkin can really stop your early assault and can even prevent your last ditch burn or the damage of your Demigod. However, every problem has a solution so I was thinking of the possible card options in dealing with it and here’s what I came up with:

1. Everlasting Torment – This B/R hybrid enchantment nulls the red damage prevention of the forge-tender therefore making it vulnerable in combat. The problem though is that they are aware of this and they are boarding in Wispmares to deal with it. Right timing of the alpha strike is recommended for this scenario.

2. Moonglove Extract – If you are going mono red and not splashing black, then this artifact is the right answer for you and you can shoot your opponent for the win if there are no forge-tenders around.

3. Splash black – this is my preferred solution and I’m currently implementing it to my RDW deck. This gives you access to a lot of black removals, both spot and mass. My current black sideboards are Shriekmaws and Infest, which also deals with other weenie decks such as the Elves and Merfolks. You just have to adjust your manabase though to avoid the mismatching of your colors. I suggest you use Auntie’s Hovel and Graven Cairns.

That’s it for now and I hope this can be a great help to you. Now go forth and burn off those little white men. Just kidding… ^_^


james said...

lol. i hope you were kidding about burning off the little white men. hahaha.

anyway, everlasting torment is pretty sweet. if you're splashing black into a RDW, i would recommend a torrent of souls. R/B grave-digger one creature, haste + all creatures get +2/+0 until EOT. ...though i guess that's a shot int he dark since i dont' know what your deck list is.

Death Mark said...

My list is basically the same with the popular build of the RDW deck, except that my sideboard is mostly composed of black cards like Shriekmaw and Infests. Here's the sideboard list which served me well last Saturday's tournament. I got first... ^_^

4 Infest
3 Shriekmaw
3 Everlasting Torment
3 Guttural Response
2 Vithian Stinger