Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foodtrip Gathering at the HQ

A late post (blame it to the photographer guy) but I just want to share to you the latest events of our COP or Circle Of Peeps. Lol! We had agreed to have dinner at my place last Friday just as the Dinagyang Fever 2009 had started. The gatherers were Eaves, April, Cecille, Mao, Oliver, Jimmy, Rei, John Ross, Elena, RJ, John Ryan, Arni and yours truly. Here are some of the pics courtesy of Jimmy’s digicam:

Preparing dinner. Cilay really loves to pose.

The food, waiting to be devoured.

Eaves, Cecille and April: the team's Vendillion Clique

Let us attack

Group pics while eating

I call this the 'Magic' discussion part

The standard 'class pic' before we call it a night

Thanks for dropping by guys! Enjoyed it alot. Till next trip hehe...


Eyprille said...

"COP or Circle Of Peeps"? haha.. Cool! "the team's Vendillion Clique"? haha.. nice Mark.. hehe.. I always enjoy hanging out with you guys... and I reli like your place.. just a cool place to have a bonding with cool frends so memories worth keeping would be shared again .
that 'Magic' discussion part.. I call it.. "The Magic Gathering" ;)

So when's the next outing? so excited.. haahaa.. :D

Death Mark said...

Hahaha.. Yeah, The Magic Gathering is the more appropriate term. For the next trip? I'm not sure if we have planned it yet but I'm suggesting we go to Guisi this summer. :)