Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Conflux Top Five

Since we are still into the Conflux fever which I'm not sure if all of you are feeling it, I've decided to share with you my top 5 cards of the new set.

Why only five? Its because I see Conflux as more on the Limited with all the five colors on most of the cards. Well, only Five Color Control can have a great benefit in Standard as they'll have enough options on what Mythic bomb in Conflux they want to use.

Okay now for my top five Conflux cards, I'd start off with my fifth choice which is Path to Exile. Honestly, I hate this card the first time I saw it. It just means goodbye to my Demigods and White just got another removal with a lot already existing in Standard. Oh well. Looking at the bright side, this card will definitely see a lot of play in other formats and it won't be a waste against control with its pseudo rampant growth effect at a cost of a creature.

For my fourth choice, I would go with Martial Coup. This sorcery is awesome. I really like its two benefits for one card. You won't see a lot of one sided Wrath in Standard. Its applications maybe are in 5CC, Boat Brew, some random Ramp decks and even Kithkins. I'd have a copy of this maindeck which can be very useful especially against the mirror.

Now for the third card of my list, I'll choose Volcanic Fallout. I am obviously a fan of Red you would say but what I'm happy about this card is that it is an uncounterable mass removal. Its an instant too and can also deal damage to your opponent. This card I think will make the Faes switch into an Esper build to have access to the pro-red Kithkin.

Now the lucky card to get the second spot of the list is the Vedalken from Esper named Ethersworn Adjudicator. A walking or rather flying 4/4 body with a built-in Mortify? What more can you ask for? He can untap too. Control will love this card and he could be one of the win conditions of Esper decks in Shards block.

Okay, my top choice and what I think will be the best card of Conflux is (insert drum rolls here) Banefire. As what I've said in my previous post regarding the Red decks after Conflux, this card is surely a good choice for anyone who is running red mana in their decks. I'm also glad that he's just an ordinary rare and not mythic, which means the price will be not that high. I'm planning to pre-order next week and it is the first on my list.

As for the other cards in Conflux, there's also some that I like but I'm still waiting if these cards can have their place in Standard. There are some I predict will have an impact but I won't mention it now. Just to lessen the hype. Hehe... Anyways if you won't agree with my top five and you think there's a lot better Conflux cards that deserve the top spot, hit the comments. I'd really appreciate them.


james said...

i definitely agree that volcanic Fallout is a bomb. that card will definitely see constructed play. i personally think it's better than banefire. it's mass removal that CANNOT BE COUNTERED. that's the real kicker.

did you see our write ups? here's the most recent: batch 09

Chris said...

Hello sir deathmarked. I would like to call your attention to my cowsin masyong's blog. re: the 350Z entry.

Wort said...

Nice choice, but I'd go with Voracious Dragon too. :)

I'll post my list these days. I already posted my Esper favorites. You may check them out.

Take care,

Agi said...

Creature wise, i'd vote for Scarland Thrinax. so far the best sacrificing machine if combined with Vicious Shadows and Forced Fruition