Friday, January 30, 2009

Things Magic Players will do this Weekend

Yes, its Friday once again! Time seems to fly so fast for me. Maybe its because of my work at night or maybe I'm just too busy thinking of what interesting topics to post each day. Lol. Well anyway, since its weekend once again and I know a lot of you have plans or gimmicks tomorrow or on Sunday, I decided to post a few things I assume you Magic players will do this weekend.

  1. Join the Conflux prerelease events.

  2. Participate in the weekly Mtg tournament. Non-prerelease related.

  3. Register in Conflux Open Dueling events.

  4. Horde the Scattershot Archers so that no one will use it against your Faeries deck. (This just popped up in my mind. Lol)

  5. Spend time with their girlfriends this Saturday so that they'll let them play Magic on Sunday.

  6. Create a limited deck out of Progenitus.

  7. Sell their Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker cards at a somewhat “reasonable” price. I've heard he goes around $20.

  8. Start selling their RDW components as the new spot removals from White are bothering them.

  9. Enjoy Saturday night with Beer and Pizza as there is no Prerelease in their area.

  10. Enjoy boozing to make up for their 0-4 record at the Prerelease (which I wish won't happen to anyone).

These are just some of the things I can think of. Whether you'll end up a winner or a loser, just always remember to enjoy every “Magic moments” you'll have and learn from it. If you would ask me, I think I'll be doing number nine of the list. Lol...

Till next post. Happy weekend guys!


Anonymous said...

You left off one thing that this planeswalker will be doing:

Watching the Steelers smash the Cardinals in the Super Bow.

Death Mark said...

Oh sorry, I didn't know about that. You can add it up at number 11. Haha.

gim said...

hi mark! it's nice to "find"a fellow MTG player's blog. i'm gim from zamboanga but currently based in dapitan. we got a playgroup here and im currently playing B/U permission/unblockables. you got number 5 right on, dude. hehe.

found your link @ my girlfriend's blog, btw. she's the author of randomdetox. :)

Death Mark said...

I see. Nice meeting you Gim. Thanks for the visit. :)