Friday, February 6, 2009

New Blog is Up!

Finally, its here! After a few days of working and a few tweaks on the new site, I've finally done it. Whew! Its somewhat enjoyable though because I get to explore a new Revolution template and test some Wordpress plugins. Here are the features I've considered adding to the site:

Three main categories – I've decided to just stick with the three categories instead of four or five. These categories are Magic the Gathering, which covers all the Magic topics, HQ and Office Affairs, which discusses about my life and happenings at work, and Random Stuff, just about any topic I can find or think about. The sub categories will just be located via tags of the posts.

About me page – Yep, I finally got one. Its hard to recall your Magic history if you can't get to the right mood to write you know.

Featured content – This is what I really like about the Revolution themes, its cool fading and rotating images. I also get to write a short excerpt about the post and present it in the plugin.

Featured Video – Every week I'll be posting videos related to Magic or any other video I find funny and interesting.

Online contest – This one is coming soon so just stay tuned for it. :D

Regarding the old site at Blogger, I'd still left it online. I have transferred a few post I think worth reposting on the new site, then hopefully I can get back to the daily blog updates. Oh, and the new site is located here:

This will hopefully be my last post for this blog so see ya there guys!


Wort said...

The new blog looks awesome. I added it in my blogroll.


Nicholas Davis said...

New site's looking awesome! Best of luck!

Death Mark said...

Thank you! :)

office storage ideas said...

wow, congrats for that! nice site by the way.

Good At This said...

Hi Mark,

I'm Filipino too! My brother just started learning Magic: The Gathering. He's got a funny video up on his first day of learning. Check it out:

It's for a Blackborder competition. Hope you enjoy!

alex said...

new blog is the dopeness, am checking it out now