Thursday, February 5, 2009

Try Acobay

Ever wanting to try a new and unique way of a social networking site? Just check out Acobay dot com. It is more than just your average social site because of its one of kind stuff sharing features. You can share what movies you watch, games you play, places you have visited and much more, even your blog!

The good thing is that people can really interact with you because you are sharing interests with them. Also, the site features a Stuff Map wherein you get to look at other people's stuff and connections, much like a consumer network. This will let you know about the other users that has a common interest with you.

Another thing I like about Acobay is the Stuff Idea, a personalized recommendation engine in which you can get tips and reviews about a certain place, movie or gadget posted. So visit and register now. Also see a review page here.


jesse grant said...

Cool , nice blog you have here , my mothers side of the family is from the phillipines, my grandmothers name is zusan , but we call her susan

Death Mark said...

Thanks for dropping by. Wow, you got the blood of a Filipino too. :)