Saturday, July 4, 2009

Polymorph and Progenitus

Since Polymorph is back again in M10, I was thinking of control deck that has only one particular creature which would probably be the big hydra Progenitus with a four copies of that sorcery spell and a lot of token producers (i.e. Bitterblossom, Spectral Procession, etc). The mana base would be Esper (Blue black core with White) and a few assembler and card drawing spells. The spot removals would be in-charged by black like Doom Blade and Shriekmaw and counterspells by blue (Cryptic Command, the new Remove Soul and Negate). For White, I’m still looking for cards other than Spectral Procession that could fill in the spot. The core cards so far are:

4 Polymorph
1 Progenitus
4 Cryptic Command
Bitterblossom probably (since I’m avoiding creature cards)
Liliana Vess (to tutor Polymorph)
Diabolic Tutor

I’m still browsing through the core set for other possible components and maybe come up with a complete decklist by Sunday. Feel free to leave your suggestions through the comment box below. :)


Anonymous said...

Path to Exile?
Beckon Apparition for instant speed token
Mutavault turns itself into a creature whenever you want

I've been trying to make a deck like this. I'd rather run ponder and jace to try to draw a polymorph and get it off as soon as possible. The card advantage never hurts when trying to control. Some cheap counter spells in case they get a turn four thought hemorrhage after they realize your plan.

coachbean said...

I've been looking to build a budget version of the polymorph deck myself. I don't have a Progentus, but I was going to run the Darksteel Colossus in its place. I was thinking Thopter Foundery in place of the Bitterblossom. I've been really impressed with Ice Cage, especially against black. Normally when black targets creatures, it kills them. I would side deck it though, Ice Cage is not so good against aggro R/G, with Colossal Might.

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