Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drafting Mono Black in M10

Here's what I've created from our draft yesterday at Since I've been passed a lot of good black cards, and opened few bombs to support it, I decided to build this deck:

Main Deck
1 x Black Knight
2 x Drudge Skeletons
2 x Kelinore Bat
2 x Looming Shade
1 x Ornithopter
1 x Platinum Angel
2 x Relentless Rats
1 x Royal Assassin
1 x Vampire Aristocrat

2 x Assassinate
1 x Deathmark
1 x Duress
1 x Mind Rot
1 x Tendrils of Corruption
1 x Underworld Dreams
3 x Unholy Strength

17 x Swamp

The sideboard are the rest of my picks. Pretty cool option in drafting do you think? :)

Also checkout my other blog for the report on my tournament last Phil. Open.

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