Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Serious “Look”

The first impression most people say about me is that I’m a serious type of guy. They say that maybe because I have a very serious looking face and I seldom smile and talk to people, especially to those I first met. Wearing eyeglasses also makes them think that way. Here is one of my serious looks. It was taken during our local Mtg tournament.

People will say I’m serious but my friends will tell you how funny and hilarious I can be. I’m just not showing it unless I’m already at ease with that person. My serious looks though have other purposes.

I always had my serious look trademark when it comes to meeting other people, especially girls. When it comes to flirting or let’s just say giving a look to others to spark their interest, I say I myself am a noob on that. I’m trying to learn a bit based on my experiences. One move I would share is when you are in a bar or restaurant and you’ve already found a “target”, look at that girl and maintain that eye contact, the cutie kind of look and not the naughty one of course. Lol… If she looked back or at least smiled back, then that’s the go signal for you to approach her. Waiting for the signals is the key.

I’d be glad to try this and other moves on this game called Ultimate Flirting Championship from Extreme Style by VO5. Answer those questions from the judge as funny and sexy as you can. Win Victory Hair by outflirting your opponent. Play the live widget below and find out how flirty can you get.

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Eyprille said...

hahahaaha...Ei yo Mark...juz dropping made me laugh...haha..."Serious Look" + "the flirting moves"...bwahahahaah

C'mon, you're a master of those moves, why call yourself something that's way beyond your real description?..hehe Peace.. :D
(C Mao tu gale ya noh?..haha)

Btw, I never really thought you'd try this game..though I wasnt surprised to know...hahaahaa :P

Mark Ian said...

Hahaha... I was like that a long time ago but I also seems to do the serious look sometimes. hehehe...