Friday, July 11, 2008

WarGames is Back in Theaters

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated on watching science fiction movies. Until now, I’m still a fan of these movies such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. The one special movie in the 80’s that I’ve remembered was “Back to the Future” in which Micheal J. Fox was the lead actor. He played the role of Marty McFly, who helps out his friend Doc Brown and ended up being taken back in time by Doc’s time-machine invention. He accidentally disrupted the meeting of his parents so he must undo the events in order to protect his existence in the future. The scenes were awesome especially the one I remembered where the car look-a-like time machine started to take off.


I am happy to know that the movies in the 80’s are being reminisced today. The latest 80’s movie that will be showing in selected theaters this July 24th is WarGames. This is to commemorate the film’s 25th year anniversary and the movie will include never-before-seen interviews with the film’s creators and the cast. Also, you get the chance to see the making of the sequel entitled WarGames: The Dead Code. The movie will be showing for one night only so get your tickets now.

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